Transparency Reports

We are pleased to present our Transparency Reports designed to give information on the ownership and governance of the firm and the measures we take to maintain independence and high-quality standards in our audit and other services.

This transparency report has been prepared in accordance with the terms of the disclosure requirements of Section 18 of the Accountancy Profession Act (CAP, 281 Laws of Malta) relevant to audit firms that carry out statutory audits of public interest entities. This report provides an overview of PKF Malta’s operations, legal and governance structures, quality control measures, and general business practices.

At PKF Malta, we are committed to delivering high-quality auditing services while exceeding the expectations of our clients, partners, and the wider community. We recognize our responsibility in proactively achieving the highest levels of transparency, ethical practices, and professional standards. PKF People are passionate about quality, highly regarded by their peers but remain hands-on, we believe in real conversations.

Our firm has enjoyed an exceptionally strong performance over the past year. We are particularly proud of our many initiatives that have taken place which has given back to the local community and supported many great causes.

We look forward to another year of delivering high-quality services and concrete results to our clients both here in Malta and those based internationally.


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