Cambridge Innovation Centre (CIC)

Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is a global company that seeks to fix the world through innovation by helping exceptional entrepreneurs innovate better and faster.

We do this by developing innovation ecosystems that support exceptional innovators and entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into practical, large-scale benefits for society. CIC was founded in 1999 in the Kendall Square area of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Today, CIC operates core innovation facilities and programming in the innovation districts in Cambridge, Boston, and St. Louis, Missouri with recently launched facilities in Miami, Florida and Rotterdam, Netherlands. A number of additional cities are under way.

Our approach is to create concentrated hubs of collaborative innovation, known as “innovation districts” in cities. These incorporate specialized infrastructure and are distinguished by intense, productive innovation communities.

Within the campus, we create and partner with an interconnected set of best-in-the-world for-profit and nonprofit organizations that work together to achieve the results outlined above. The companies occupying these campus buildings and startup spaces come from every sector of technological innovation and include startups, innovation arms of larger companies, venture capital investors, and specialized service providers supporting innovators.

In every city where we operate, CIC collaborates as a strong, values-driven partner with building owners, developers, educational institutions, and city, regional, and national governments. We expect to have a measurable impact in the short term, within five years of our arrival to a city, and to continue growing the scale and scope of that impact for decades. We look for long-term, stable relationships with mutual benefit for all parties involved.

Collectively, the districts CIC has been involved with comprise over 1500000 square meters of commercial office and lab space. Within these innovation districts, CIC provides innovation-related programming in the central “innovation campus” buildings totaling approximately 250000 square meters. CIC directly operates shared startup spaces within those campus buildings, comprising more than 75000 square meters in total.  Of that, about 35000 square meters is in the Boston/Cambridge area, where CIC has 8 for-profit and nonprofit affiliated operations serving more than 1300 companies.


Stas Gayshan is a Managing Director at the Cambridge Innovation Centre (CIC) and the founder of CIC Boston. Stas is currently leading the development of CIC projects in Miami, Florida, Warsaw, Poland, and beyond, connecting innovators across boundaries and borders.

Stas Gayshan joined CIC early 2014.  Previously, Stas was the Founder & CEO of Space and Soul, a 20,000 square foot coworking space in Boston’s Innovation District. Stas is an Entrepreneur and an attorney, and he worked in Democratic political campaigns a various level prior to starting Space with a Soul. In his political work, Stas focused on the intersection of collaboration, technology and activism.

Stas has been recognised by the Boston Globe as one of the Most Innovative People in Massachusetts Business and by CJP as one of Boston’s most influential young leaders. He holds leadership positions in several philanthropic and non-profit organisations active in the Greater Boston area. Stas has a B.A and J.D. from Boston College.