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Our Values

At PKF, we firmly believe in our values-based system. Our values are Passion, Teamwork, Clarity, Quality, and Integrity.

This system is very close to our hearts and influences how we make business decisions, how we operate and how we interact with one another.

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  • Central and brand new open-plan office.
  • Regular staff events and activities
  • Work/Life Balance – We understand that different people have different lifestyles, so we offer our staff flexible working hours to meet their needs.
  • Staff Development – We provide regular training opportunities to our staff during work hours, as well as study-leave for those choosing to pursue an education in their private time.
  • Travel – We propose frequent opportunities for staff at all levels to travel around the world to attend meetings and conferences. In addition, through our PKF International network, we make available secondments to our staff, whereby they are able to extend their holidays by being able to work at select offices all over the world.



“In the year that I spent at PKF Malta, I have learned a multitude of new skills and greatly improved upon my established skillset. I attribute this skill gain to the diversity in tasks that were assigned to me that made my work interesting and exciting. It was a great pleasure to work at PKF Malta and an opportunity to work there is one that should definitely not be missed!” – Tamira, Digital Marketing Assistant

“As a postgraduate student, the flexibility afforded by PKF Malta has been fantastic as I am able to balance my time well between work and studies. Moreover, work is always varied and highly interesting. There are always opportunities to learn more and expand your knowledge, and everyone in the office is very supportive. Overall, working at PKF Malta has been an incredibly valuable experience.” – Elysia, Junior Legal Associate

“When I started my internship with PKF Malta, I quickly discovered a sense of community and belonging within the office, and this can in part be attributed to the pleasant character of the Maltese; witty, humorful, joyful and diligent.  When it came to my cultural and social experience here in Malta, I visited a lot of interesting places and I met wonderful people, offering me a fresh perspective on life.

In the meantime, I have become a full-time employee as a junior auditor. I’m learning new skills and gaining new in-depth knowledge of the industry every day, and I look forward to more learning opportunities through my work, which is challenging yet exciting. Thanks to my Erasmus+ Internship, I was already integrated into my team, and I find comfort in knowing that there is always somebody eager to help me advance my career.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me at PKF Malta, my gut and experiences so far tell me that my future looks bright and exciting. Thank you PKF, thank you Malta, for receiving me and for offering me this opportunity!” – Silvia; Junior Auditor (Former Auditing Intern)

Some of our Staff Events and Activities

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