Grant Schemes : Start up, Seed, SME Investment

Grant Schemes : Start up, Seed, SME InvestmentA variety of grant and investment schemes have been introduced by the Government to further enhance the development of a more business-friendly environment to ensure more solid and competitive businesses. Under the Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes Initiative, the Start-Up Investment Grant Scheme and the SME Growth Grant Scheme are the first two schemes to be launched. The Government has also recently introduced the Seed Investment Scheme in collaboration with MIMCOL, the Malta Investment Management Company Limited, creating an opportunity for investors to inject financing in SMEs which are still in their early stages, providing them with the necessary assistance to help them grow and flourish.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! PKF can assist and advise you to choose the best scheme tailored to your needs, as well as in the preparation and application stage. PKF is equipped with the necessary resources, dexterity, and skills required to take you to the next stage of realising your inner genius. Having both start-ups and SMEs in our portfolio lends us a familiarity that is only amassed through experience garnered. Being an SME ourselves allows us not only to empathise but also to sympathise with our growth-seeking clients. Finally, we listen, where to listen is key to entrepreneurial enhancement.

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