Business Associations Grant

The aim of this incentive is to promote the development and continuity of small Business Associations that aim to facilitate collaboration and develop their relevant business sector.

This incentive is available until 31st December 2020



Aid intensity

The scheme has an annual budget of 100,000. Aid is approved on annual basis and each business association may receive up to 10,000 per annum



Eligible sectors

This incentive support business associations that enhance collaboration between undertakings of the following industries;

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Services
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Aviation and Maritime
  • Creative Enterprises
  • Digital Media
  • Life Sciences
  • Crafts




  • Business sectors engaged in activities excluded under the de minimis regulations specifically agricultural and fisheries sector as they subject to different thresholds and criteria.
  • A business association shall be disqualified if tis engages in any economic activity unless such activity is related to the sector being represented.


Eligible cost

  • Wage costs of coordinator or administrator
  • Annual membership costs related to international affiliates
  • Attendance to international sectoral events held outside Malta


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