Business Enhance RD&I Grant Scheme

Business Enhance RD&I Grant SchemeThe scheme supports enterprises through the provision of a non-repayable grant for research, development, and innovation actions within the Smart Specialization Areas outlined in the National Research and Innovation Strategy 2020.

The scheme addresses specific areas in manufacturing, aviation and aerospace, health, ICT, tourism product development, and maritime services.

The scheme supports enterprises in the form of non-repayable grants under four main measures;

Measure 1 – Feasibility Studies 

This Measure supports eligible enterprises through a non-repayable grant to conduct a Feasibility Study to assess the potential of undertaking a specific R&D project.

Measure 2 – Research and Development Projects  

Grants under this measure are aimed at supporting eligible enterprises that are planning to undertake Industrial Research and Experimental Development Projects aimed at the development of new products, services or solutions including Key Enabling Technology at pre-commercialization stage at potentially a minimum Technology Readiness Level 6

The planned action should be supported by a feasibility study showing that the research to be undertaken has clear scope and objectives and that the envisaged research is of strategic importance to the enterprise itself, and potentially beyond.​

Measure 3 – Investment in Research Infrastructures 

Grants under this measure are aimed at supporting enterprises to set-up facilities with the aim to provide research infrastructures that perform economic activity, to support the development and exchange of knowledge, expertise and the creation of technology transfer possibilities among undertakings.

Measure 4 – Process Innovation

Grants under this measure are aimed to support Undertakings to innovate through the development and implementation of either a new or significantly improved production or delivery method.

Budget allocation

The allocated budget for this Grant Scheme is set at €20,000,000, with the indicative allocation for each measure being:

  • 10% is earmarked for assistance for Feasibility Studies assessing potential R&D projects;
  • 30% for support towards the implementation of Research and Development Projects;
  • 40% for support towards investment in Research Infrastructures;
  • 20% for support for the implementation of process innovation projects.

The scheme remains effective until 31st December 2020

Aid intensity

Measure 1: micro/small-70%, medium-60%, large-50%

Measure 2: micro/small-45%, medium-35%, large-25%

Measure 3: micro/small/medium/large- 50%

Measure 4: Micro/small/medium- 50%, large-15%

Ineligible costs

  • Cost related to shipping
  • Costs related to repair and maintenance
  • Costs related to the position of land
  • Tax including VAT and other duties
  • Payment of dividends
  • In-kind contributions
  • Service charges arising from finance leases
  • Costs related to litigation
  • Statutory fines and penalties
  • Payments for gifts and donations
  • Entertainment
  • Foreign exchange costs
  • Bank charges
  • Commissions
  • Insurance costs
  • Training costs
  • Travel costs
  • Contingencies

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