Micro Guarantee Scheme

The Micro Guarantee Scheme is established with the objective to accelerate growth by facilitating access to debt finance for smaller business undertakings.

This Micro Guarantee Scheme shall provide eligible undertakings with a guarantee of up to 70% on loans required to finance business enhancement, growth and development. This scheme is available until 31st December 2020.

Who is eligible?

This incentive is open to all business undertakings, including self-employed, start-ups and family businesses. The following criteria are to be satisfied;

  • The applicant must have 50 or less (full-time equivalent) employees calculated on the fiscal year preceding the application.
  • Turnover and balance sheet total for the fiscal year preceding the application must not exceed €10 Million.
  • The applicant should have a valid VAT number issued by the VAT department.
  • Operations should be based in Malta and or Gozo.
  • Excerpt in the case of start-ups, at application date the applicant must have one person employed on a full time basis


The loan should be linked to one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Establishment of new business.
  • New or improved products, services or processes.
  • Adoption of new technology.
  • Reduction in costs.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Retention and/or generation of new/additional jobs.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Potential of growth in foreign markets.


  • Public entities
  • Undertakings engaged in activities excluded under the applicable State Aid Regulations (road transport, agriculture and fisheries.
  • Undertakings subject to collective insolvency proceedings
  • Undertakings that have not honoured any obligations set up by the corporation with respect to previously granted support
  • Undertakings engaged in gaming including online gambling
  • Undertakings engaged in financial and insurance activities.

The Guarantee

The Micro Guarantee may only be used to support a new loan, required to finance eligible costs approved by the Corporation. The amount established shall be granted in accordance to the following parameters;

  • Shall relate only to new banking facilities
  • Guarantee may be used to cover a specific percentage of a loan not exceeding €100,000 unless the applicant is a Family Business in which the cover may not exceed €500,000 only in respect to tangible assets.
  • The maximum value of the guarantee shall be of €50,000 which may be increased by €20,000 per full time employee at a time of application.
  • The maximum presentation of any loan that may be covered shall be capped at 50%.
  • The implementation period is the period of up to 24 months during which the beneficiary may drawdown costs covered by the guarantee

Visit our Grant Scheme Brochure: here


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