Micro Invest

This scheme encourages undertakings including start-ups, family businesses, and self-employed to invest in their business, so as to innovate, expand, and develop their operations. Undertakings benefiting from this measure will be supported through a tax credit calculated as a percentage of eligible expenditure and wages costs.


Who Is Eligible?

This incentive is open to all undertakings which satisfy the following criteria;

  • The applicant must be an undertaking that for a consecutive three month period during the year in which the costs were incurred did not employ more than thirty persons on full-time contracts
  • The applicant must be an undertaking whose turnover did not exceed €10 Million in the fiscal year preceding the year in which the application is submitted.
  • At the date of application, the applicant must employ at least one person on a full or part-time basis.
  • Unless exempted, applicants should be duly registered with the VAT department.
  • Persons or undertakings engaged in activities specifically excluded under the de minimis regulations are not eligible for this incentive.

What is the aid intensity?

Malta Enterprise will approve a tax credit equivalent to 45% of eligible expenditure. An additional bonus of 20% that is, a total of 65% tax credit applies to undertakings operating from Gozo.

  • The maximum aid per undertaking.
  • Operating from Gozo;
  • Registered as a Family Business; and
  • Having more than 50% of the ownership attributed to female persons.

In the case of partnerships, the eligible amount will be split according to ownership.

Qualifying costs

  • Costs claimed must have been invoiced between 1st January and 31st December of the year preceding the year in which the claim is submitted.
  • Costs claimed must not be assisted (even partly) through other incentive measures.
  • Costs claimed must be covered by the appropriate fiscal documentation.

Ineligible cost

Costs incurred in relation to the following items will not be considered as qualifying;

  • Purchase of land and/or property.
  • Acquisition of works of art, antiques, and any assets that are not directly related to the trade and business of the applicant.
  • Operating costs.
  • VAT and other recoverable taxes.
  • Vehicle accessories and upgrades unless purchased as an integral part of a commercial vehicle.
  • Vehicles that because of their nature can also be used for non-business activities.
  • Director’s fees.
  • Spare-parts.
  • Maintenance costs.
  • Subscription and other renewal fees.
  • Any individual invoice having a value of less than €200.
  • Costs of rented or leased equipment or property.
  • Furbishing costs carried out in home-based offices unless a permit identifying the premises as business premises is presented.
  • Project Management fees.
  • Transport costs unless included within an invoice covering the procurement of an eligible cost item.
  • Promotional material.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • Web Hosting.
  • Uniforms

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