SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme

SME Consultancy Services Grant SchemeThis measure supports SMEs through the provision of assistance in the form of a non-repayable grant to cover part of the costs incurred for external consultancy services contracted to assess and evaluate the potential of re-engineering the organisation and its operations. This scheme remains operational until 31st December 2020.

Aid intensity

The budget allocated for this measure is set at €1,000,000 with indicative annual thresholds of €200,000. The maximum grant under this scheme is set at €4,000 part financing eligible costs up to 80%

Eligible expenditure

The cost for External Consultancy Services procured from an external service autonomous and unrelated to the Beneficiary Undertaking, registered with the Intermediate Body under the scheme. The expenditure shall only be considered eligible if the cost item is approved in the Grant Agreement, no modifications were made without the prior approval of the IB, and that the expenditure is evidenced by supporting documentation and in line with the Guidelines for Implementation issued by the IB together with these Guidance Notes.

Eligible Actions

External consultancy services procured to support the decision-making process, by assessing and evaluating:

  • The potential of re-engineering the organization and operations, or the processes and systems of the undertaking aimed at rendering it more efficient, resulting in the development of an Organization and Operations Review or Process and Systems Review; or
  • The potential of the Undertaking to take on proposed investment initiatives aimed at the potential future business growth of the Undertaking, and at rendering it more competitive, resulting in the development of a Business Plan or Feasibility Study addressing any of the following:​
  • The economic exploitation of new ideas,
  • Expansion in the capacity of the establishment,
  • Diversification of the activity  of an establishment,
  • Diversification in the output of an establishment,
  • A fundamental change in the overall production process of the establishment,
  • Development of new or improved products, processes, and systems,
  • Investment in new or improved products, processes, and systems,
  • Organization innovation,
  • Process innovation,
  • The internationalization of products and services,
  • The entry, establishment, and expansion into new markets,
  • The introduction, upgrading, and integration of e-commerce solutions enabling online selling by the undertaking.

Ineligible costs

  • Tax including Value Added Tax and other duties.
  • Any other direct or indirect ancillary costs.
  • Consultancy services addressing legal and regulatory obligations arising from the nature of the Undertaking’s operations and economic activity.
  • Training costs.
  • Contingencies and/or losses made by the Applicant.
  • Statutory fines and penalties.
  • In-kind contributions.

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