SME Internationalisation Grant

This grant seeks to support SMEs through the provision of grants to part-finance costs to actively participate in International Business Promotion fairs held outside the territory of the republic of Malta, aimed at the internationalisation of the undertaking by introducing their products or services to new markets and by strengthening their international market presence. The target group is micro enterprises, small enterprises, and medium-sized enterprises.


Aid intensity

The allocated budget for this measure is to set a €2,000,000 with indicative annual thresholds of €400,000. The maximum grant value for the participation by a single undertaking at an international business promotion fair under this scheme is set at €10,000 part financing eligible costs up to 50%


Eligible cost

  • Participation Fee
  • Rental of the exhibition space/stand
  • Costs of shipment
  • Services related to the construction and setting-up of the stand
  • Costs related to the design and printing of branding materials
  • Travel Costs for a maximum of 2 employees/directors based on the traveling distance
  • Per Diem allowance for a maximum of 2 employees/directors capped to a maximum of 8 nights per participant
  • Costs related to the design and printing of branding material


Ineligible cost

  • Tax including Value Added Tax and other duties.
  • Any other direct or indirect ancillary costs.
  • Insurance costs.
  • Costs related to participation at conferences, seminars, one-to-one meetings, and training and activities organized in parallel or at the side of the International Business Promotion Fair.
  • Foreign exchange costs and related losses
  • Bank charges
  • Overheads
  • commissions
  • Contingencies and /or losses made by the Applicant.
  • In-kind contributions.
  • Statutory fines and penalties.
  • Payments for gifts and donations.
  • Entertainment (including catering, receptions, etc.)
  • Depreciation

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