Why Malta? 10 reasons you should do your Internship in Malta

Malta Internship - Young woman walking through Valletta , Malta

An internship can provide you with valuable professional work experience and can be massively beneficial to the development of your field of studies or your future career. The idea of moving abroad even temporarily can be a quite daunting one, but if you’re thinking of Malta, you shouldn’t need to worry as Malta is one of the best places to do your internship abroad!




We speak English!

Malta has two official languages – English and Maltese, in fact, 88% of the population speaks English [1]. So if you’re looking to improve your English skills, there’s no better place to do it than in an English speaking country! Why not improve your English at one of Malta’s many English language schools after your internship?

The perfect weather

Malta enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate with hot Summers and mild Winters. Malta has on average 3,000 hours of sunshine every year [2], which is perfect for exploring the island during your internship off-time. Spend your weekends by the sea in the Summer months or go hiking in the scenic countryside during colder weather, the climate makes it easy to spend your off-hours outdoors.

There’s always something new to do

Malta’s event calendar is always full and exciting! Whether it’s one of the numerous local village feasts or an international event like the Isle of MTV which welcomes various internationally acclaimed music artists every June, there are events for everyone.

Rich History

Malta has a rich history, and that is evident in the various architectural wonders and historical sites that can be visited, such as the Megalithic Temples, which are the oldest free-standing structure in the world. A stroll through the capital city Valletta or through the former capital Mdina gives a unique insight into the history of the island through its historic buildings and structures.

Blue seas and Golden Beaches

You will fall in love with the various beaches that the island has to offer.

As of 2019, Malta has 12 beaches with the prestigious ‘Blue Flag’ status. This award is given to beaches with the highest possible water quality and excellent facilities, including the presence of lifeguards, first aid, litter management, access for the disabled and regular cleaning.

Comino, one of Malta’s islands, is home to the famous blue lagoon, known for its instagramable crystal clear blue waters.

There’s an internship waiting for you in Malta

An internship with PKF Malta will give you the opportunity to gain practical, challenging and meaningful hands-on work experience. We will introduce you to the world of business in a friendly atmosphere where everybody is more than happy to help. In addition, you will be spending your internship in picturesque Malta accompanied by the Mediterranean sun, the crystal clear sea and the astounding sights that the islands have to offer. Check out more about Life at PKF Malta,

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