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Network News - 27/02/2019

Announcing the birth of The Bit-Pod | PKF Malta

Author: Dr. Marilyn Formosa
Published on: The Commercial Courier


In the context of Blockchain and A.I. development, PKF is proud to introduce the concept of the Bit-Pod sessions. This is a non-profit initiative aimed to fuel innovation in the nascent high-tech sphere by welcoming like-minded people to gather and network on various aspects of this exciting sector.

Sponsors are welcome to offer support to help achieve what the government has pledged to make Malta -the Blockchain island in the Med.
The plan is to offer a meeting place where early-stage entrepreneurs and VFA agents share an opportunity to connect with experts in the field. Such encounters will be held principally at 35, Mannarino Road B’Kara, which has been refurbished for the purpose. Other venues will be added to match future demand from practitioners. There will be informal talks by experts on the optimal way how to build a coherent ecosystem and smooth the early pangs of licensing procedures for start-ups.

At the Bit-Pod, we are open to discuss topics that could benefit the Blockchain community and to consolidate the existing ecosystem, which is the essential building block to attract foreign investment in DLT business.

Do you have a topic of interest to the start-up/innovation DLT community? Please submit your proposal to:

Dr Marilyn Formosa
Head of Legal – PKF Malta
PKF Malta
35, Mannarino Road, Birkirkara, BKR 9080
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