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Malta News - 23/08/2019

Bitpod educational webinar on AML and AI

Published on Times of Malta 23rd August 2019

PKF Malta is organising its seventh bitpod educational webinar on the strength of the previous six sessions held over the past months and which have proven to be popular especially among industry professionals.

The next session will be held on Wednesday at 11am and will be a sequel to PKF Malta’s fifth session, featuring Vince Vella, CTO of Computime Software, BRSAnalytics and CTLabs. The title of the session will be ‘Transaction Monitoring and Learning to Slow Dance with Machines – Part II’ and will be facilitated by Marilyn Formosa, head of legal at PKF Malta. The webinar will follow up on the theme of the first session but will go deeper into specific Anti-Money Laundering (AML)-related machine learning user cases.

Besides his business interests, Vella is also a lecturer within the Department of Artificial Intelligence at University of Malta, mainly responsible for the MSc AI – Fintech stream. His main areas revolve primarily around artificial intelligence, machine learning and computational finance, particularly in the areas of AI managed funds, decentralised AI using smart contracts and regulatory frameworks such as AML.

The bitpod webinar will be accessible either through PKF Malta’s website via or through the firm’s Youtube channel via livestream.

Formosa said: “These webinars are an offshoot of our home-grown bitpod concept, launched earlier this year, which is a quasi-lab that contributes to the Maltese start-up eco-system by offering a readily available space to start-ups, and holding informal meet-up sessions for industry, start-ups and investors.”

Bitpod’s founding members are George Mangion, senior partner at PKF Malta and Formosa.

“We have received great feedback on our first six sessions as well as several suggestions on topics to cover in our future bitpod webinars. Our last session in July was the first featuring a Malta-based crypto operator where we welcomed Adrian Kreter, co-founder of Instacoins, a Bitcoin brokerage firm that is minded to apply for a licence under the new VFA Act,” Formosa added.


Published on Times of Malta 23rd August 2019

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