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Is climate change stupid?

Author: George Mangion Published on The Malta Independent 19 January 2021 In any discussion about climate change and its sister topic “renewable energy”, the critical issue is how quickly the world can implement decarbonization to stave off the worst effects of rising temperatures. Simply put, this usually means switching to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind […]



PKF-FPM has been recognised as the 2016 Best Place to Work in the Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards

PKF-FPM has been voted as the best employer in its field in the UK, according to judges at London-based industry publication Accountancy Age and the Best Companies Group. The company, founded nearly a quarter of a century ago, won the Top UK Accountancy Employer Award at the British Accountancy Awards ahead of many other reputed […]

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Navigating The Pandemic Through Bitpod Podcasts

Author: Miriam Sultana – Head of Economics Advisory, PKF Malta Published on Malta Chamber of Commerce Blog – 19th June 2020 Driven by the ever-growing need for innovation, last year PKF Malta founded the initiative “Bitpod” the brainchild of Head of Legal Dr Marilyn Formosa and Senior Partner Mr George M. Mangion. Bitpod is a quasi-lab that seeks […]

Malta News - 04/01/2021

The Creation of Shipping and Aviation Cell Companies

Author: Dr Samuel Sciberras – Junior Legal Associate, PKF Malta Updated on 4th January 2021 Act V of 2020 defines ‘cell company’ as a company formed/constituted as such or, converted into a cell company, and creating within itself one or more cells to segregate and protect the cellular assets of the company. Companies with this structure […]

- 03/01/2021

2050: travel to the future show progress in wellbeing

Author: George Mangion Published on The Malta Independent 3 January 2021 This is a fantasy trip, which takes us on a time machine travelling to New Year’s Eve in 2050. Our economy has trebled during these 30 years having discovered gas in offshore waters and started exporting it to Europe via two gas underwater pipes. Our GDP […]

- 27/12/2020

Festive season – a ride on the travel machine

Author: George Mangion Published on The Malta Independent 27 December 2020 This is a fantasy trip which magically flies us to New Year’s eve in 2050.  Upon arrival, we wonder how times have changed on our tiny archipelago. Luckily, the economy has trebled during these thirty years having discovered gas in offshore waters and started exporting it to […]

- 17/12/2020

COVID-19: the Grinch who stole Christmas

Author: George Mangion Published on Business Today 17 December 2020 2020 is fast coming to its end. It started well for the first two months and we all enjoyed the brisk air and savoured memories of office parties and driving to our favourite restaurants with family and friends. This came to an abrupt halt in mid-March, when the […]