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Demystifying decentralised autonomous organisations

Author: George Mangion Published on Business Today 12th September 2019 In the beginning there was man. Much later he created blockchain technology and with this creation he hopes to liberalise the commercial community from some of its bureaucracy and in the near future decentralise trade in a seamless fashion. When blockchain technologies were developed, the masterminds […]



PKF-FPM has been recognised as the 2016 Best Place to Work in the Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards

PKF-FPM has been voted as the best employer in its field in the UK, according to judges at London-based industry publication Accountancy Age and the Best Companies Group. The company, founded nearly a quarter of a century ago, won the Top UK Accountancy Employer Award at the British Accountancy Awards ahead of many other reputed […]

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PKF Malta Studies – Executive Summaries

An Exploration into the Opinions and Thoughts of the Maltese on the Current Pension System In general terms, poverty is defined as a person’s inability to afford an adequate standard of consumption. Poverty levels differ in nature across countries, however in Malta it is considered that the concept of relative poverty is more prevailing. Relative […]

Malta News - 02/08/2019

Exporting cannabis for beauty and medical markets

Author: Yann Cecconi Published on Malta Independent 1st August 2019 Cannabis has undergone a normalising process, given its wide adoption, social tolerance and, generally speaking, a wider cultural acceptance. It has gone from being branded as a gateway drug to being used as a therapeutic alternative to conventional medicine and its legalisation for medicinal use represents […]

Malta News - 01/08/2019

Potential of CBD oils for cosmetic use

Author: Yann Cecconi Published on Business Today 1st August 2019 It must be admitted that the public in general has been wary of the idea of entering the medical cannabis market. Perhaps, this fear was accentuated by certain sectors of the media which vented stories aimed to spread “scaremongering” headlines. This can be attributed to the […]

Malta News - 25/07/2019

Waking up from a sunny California dream

Author: George Mangion Published on Business Today 25th July 2019 The results are clear to all: Malta has the worst oil exploration record in the Mediterranean with only 13 wells drilled in the past 60 years. Compare this to 6,000 wells in Italy, 500 in Israel etc. Intuitively, the joke in the past was the so-called […]

Malta News - 18/07/2019

Job stress and marital breakdown

Author: Jessica Galea Published on Business Today 18th July 2019 Due to the increase in education levels, women are seeking greater job satisfaction and this led to the rise of female participation in the work force. Monetary pressures are forcing women to enter the labour force even more. Today, families have a lot of economic […]