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Network News - 20/03/2020

Temporary Suspension Of Cyprus Golden Passport Scheme

Author: Elysia Rezki ~ Junior Legal Associate ~ PKF Malta Published on The Malta Chamber on Friday 20th March 2020 Over the past year, the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment (CIP) scheme has endured a thorny chain of events which ultimately led to its very recent suspension. From the tough berating of the European Union to the decision (and ultimate […]

Network News - 27/02/2019

Announcing the birth of The Bit-Pod | PKF Malta

Author: Dr. Marilyn Formosa Published on: The Commercial Courier   In the context of Blockchain and A.I. development, PKF is proud to introduce the concept of the Bit-Pod sessions. This is a non-profit initiative aimed to fuel innovation in the nascent high-tech sphere by welcoming like-minded people to gather and network on various aspects of […]

Network News - 09/08/2018

PKF Malta officials attend trade delegations in Bulgaria, Poland and Japan

Published on Malta Independent on Thursday, 9 August 2018 PKF Malta Senior Partner George Mangion recently travelled to Sofia where he attended the EMEI Tax meeting which is organised by PKF International (PKFI).  Being a network of independent firms, PKFI is constantly on the lookout to organise various conferences and events for its members and non-members. After […]

Network News - 15/04/2018

PKF offices in Europe enhance their commitment to CSR

Published on Sunday Times of Malta, 15th April 2018 PKF offices in Europe have today committed themselves to make Corporate Social Responsibility an integral part of their corporate philosophy, with numerous offices, including the Malta office, organising events to help other people and entities which are less fortunate. PKF Francis Clark’s recently raised over £8,000 […]

Network News - 30/05/2017

PKF China desk salutes – one belt one road policy

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Independent 30th May 2017 China has been in the news lately with its policy of ‘one belt one road’ (OBOR) which is a novel way of spreading commerce linked to the China’s historical Silk Road. It was formally announced by President Xi Jinping in 2013 to help exports to developed countries […]

Network News - 16/03/2017

PKF – ‘Best Financial Adviser to Work For’ at the Professional Adviser Awards

Published on The Malta Business Weekly, 16th March 2017 PKF-Cooper Parry Wealth was named Best financial adviser to work for at the Professional Adviser Awards, held at The Brewery in London. more than 200 firms entered the awards, which have been running for the past 12 years. The comprehensive two-part assessment process questioned PKF-Cooper Parry […]

Captive Insurance - 22/03/2016

Europe – Insurance Opportunities for US firms

    Free Registration PKF Malta Captive Insurance Brochure Finance Malta with support of PKF Malta are organizing a conference which will focus on what Malta can offer to US Captives seeking to tap into their European risks. The benefits of setting up in Malta as the domicile of choice. Stakeholders from the Insurance market […]

Network News - 18/06/2015

Can Zeus come to the rescue in the festering euro crisis?

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 18 June 2015 The EU seems to be surfacing from a number of dreary years of credit squeeze and its economy is only just starting to recover yet it wants the Greeks to pay retribution for accepting low cost loans in the past. Zeus was the god of the sky […]

Network News - 30/04/2015

Greek champion plays the harp while Athens burns

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 30 April 2015 It is relevant to recall how Greece was bailed out in 2010 as it crumbled under the weight of the financial crisis in a deal involving billions that with hindsight many now agree was not without strings attached. Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said Malta helped Greece in its hour […]

Network News - 16/01/2015

Recent U.S. Tax Legislation – “ Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 ”

Leo Parmegiani, Tax Partner, PKF O’Connor Davies, New York On December 19, 2014, President Obama signed into law the “ Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 ” (TIPA) to extend most of the tax provisions that expired in 2013 retroactively for one year, through 2014. These popular tax incentives include the research credit, bonus depreciation, and […]

Network News - 28/11/2014

PKF Malta’s presence during SME Malta Summit & B2B Networking Forum

SME Malta Summit & B2B Networking forum was held at the Portomaso Suite, Hilton on 28th November, 2014. PKF Malta was supporting the event by managing the exhibition stand, as well as our Senior Statistician, Ms. Lynsey Schembri was part of a panel discussion which included the Minister for the Economy, ICT, Investments & Small […]

Accountancy Updates - 02/10/2014

Tesco scandal conjures the ghost of PriceClub

Article author: George MangionPublished on Malta Today, 2 October 2014 With one fell swoop more than £2bn was wiped off the value of this retailer and it comes as no surprise that such a massive cut would draw the attention of the media as many are asking what went so wrong in the world ‘s third largest […]

Network News - 24/09/2014

Air Malta, beer & sauerkraut

Author: George MangionPublished: Malta Today  25 July 2014 Today Air Malta is on its knees scraping though the intravenous intervention of a massive rescue operation. The sad truth is that during its chequered history it faced political pressure and interference by the government navigating in the cockpit. The illustrious leaders who have piloted Air Malta throughout its […]

Network News - 24/09/2014

Passing banks through the ECB wringer

Author: George MangionPublished: Malta Today 14 August 2014 It is pertinent to question why the Midas touch displayed by banks persisted for a number of years during which they have succeeded to report superior profits even during the years when the island’s economy was in recession. PKF Malta  is conducting research on the banking structure in […]

Network News - 22/09/2014

Airmalta – glorious tale of a ‘cuc’ Malti

Article author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 19 September 2014 It is a mystery how the success in increased traffic does not directly help the national airline to turn into the black, notwithstanding that following the EY plan it painstakingly trimmed its payroll and reduced capacity. Airmalta has again been in the news following comments […]

Network News - 11/09/2014

Wake-up call on agritourism

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 11 September 2014   On a sustainable platform countries such as Italy, Switzerland and others have discovered the benefits of agritourism and enjoyed the arrivals of visitors who socially, economically, and environmentally enhance the contribution to the economy. Agritourism around the Mediterranean is a much more recent phenomenon than in […]

Malta News - 04/09/2014

SME Think small first… a cliché without substance

Author: Jaromir Sant is a trainee Statistician Published on Malta Today, 4 September 2014 PKF Malta, being itself an SME-sized firm of auditors and consultants, has pioneered to prepare a study on interest charges on SME loans. The popular question is why access to finance SMEs is perceived as a higher risk and therefore necessitates a higher collateral. […]

Malta News - 28/08/2014

Testing the link of unemployment to GDP growth

Author: Luca Sacco is a Trainee Statistician Published on Malta Today, 28 August 2014 Unemployment as well as GDP figures have undoubtedly been given utmost importance and in fact governments launch various initiatives aimed at keeping the unemployment rate stable and at increasing the GDP . In the recent past, unemployment rates were of huge concern in European countries. The […]

Network News - 24/08/2014

V18-a race for Valletta regeneration project

Author: George MangionPublished on The Malta Independent 24 August 2014  Jason Micallef, the chairman of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, was quoted in the media as saying that the Foundation has to be funded to invest in tools that will help it address the challenges Valletta faces in the artistic and cultural sectors. These tools, he said, would […]

Malta News - 03/08/2014

An uphill climb to implement Green Public Procurement

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Independent, 3 August 2014 It is not difficult to understand why governments tend to move very slowly when implementing any EU directive and in particular the one relating to the introduction of Green Public Procurement. With much fanfare and aplomb, a bold initiative was announced by the PN administration in 2011 […]

Network News - 19/07/2014

With €6 bn in debt – welcome Fiscal Responsibility Act

Author:  George MangionPublished on the Malta Independent, 19 July 2014 Malta is in the process of establishing its first Fiscal Responsibility Act, through which the first Fiscal Council will be set up. This should act as a guideline for all those who work in the civil service, so that responsible decisions were taken with a […]

Awards - 14/07/2014

Flash news – PKF Malta awarded Auditors of the Year

PKF Malta has been selected as ‘Auditors of the Year – Malta in the Acquisition International M&A Awards. “We are proud to have been named Auditors of the Year by Acquisition International. We see it as recognition of the hard work we have put in over the past year on new niche markets. Awards like this […]

Network News - 09/07/2014

Mystery – are cruise ship visitors worth the trouble?

Author: Lynsey SchembriPublished on the Malta Today, 9 July 2014 It is not uncommon to read in brochures about the idyllic setting of our Grand Harbour. These show a rising sun which illuminates the buildings surrounding the harbour, making the sea shine bright which, like a mirror, reflects majestically on the beauty and grandeur of […]

Malta News - 26/06/2014

MTA – a driver for agritourism

Author: George Mangion Published: Malta Today, 26 June 2014 Governments in Europe have willingly allocated funds to farms through schemes to assist farmers in renovating their properties to become a suitable habitation for tourists. Agritourism around the Mediterranean is a much more recent phenomenon than in Northern Europe, where it has developed into a sizeable industry […]

Malta News - 20/06/2014

Small Business Act – SME – whispering its faults

Author: George Mangion Published on the Malta Today, 20 June 2014 PKF Malta is planning to take an active part in SME week, which will be held next October under the auspices of Minister Chris Cardona. Our motto of the participation is to help regenerating entrepreneurship.  This event is taking place almost three years since the […]

Accountancy Updates - 05/06/2014

Export financing – will shadow banking come to the rescue?

Article author: George MangionPublished on Malta Today, 5 June 2014 Will the drop in lending pave the way for growth of capital markets? This may be too early to materialise although many companies have succeeded in issuing unsecured corporate bonds to finance their capital requirements. A leading article in the FT newspaper carried the title, ‘Non-banks colonise former […]

Network News - 22/05/2014

Water – waste not, want not

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 22 May 2014 After ten years of EU membership, we have succeeded to join the club of Mediterranean states that have recognized the formidable challenges of climate change, challenges important enough to have seriously started to plan for a sustainable supply of that precious commodity – drinking water. Our elected […]

Network News - 02/05/2014

Competitiveness – luring the genie out of the bottle

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 2 May 2014 One must be vigilant to face 2014 with a renewed vigour and a stronger determination to surmount future challenges. The issue of the latest World Bank report ranks 189 economies on a number of economic benchmarks including a study of ease of doing business. This shows Malta […]

Network News - 24/04/2014

Digital Malta – old wine in new bottles?

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 24 April 2014 A new digital identity will seek to maximise the benefits and opportunities deriving from legislation adopted within the EU. Two years ago Austin Gatt, the ex-minister responsible for IT in the previous government, had unveiled a sweeping strategy to partner with Microsoft to launch an innovation centre, […]

Malta Citizenship by Investment - 03/04/2014

Reshuffles, musical chairs and financial stability

Article author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 3 April 2014 Visit our online IIP eBrochure for the latest information. One augurs that the economy will not suffer from temporary upsets amid an incidence of inevitable infighting among fresh-faced ministers in a reshuffled Cabinet. Chamber of Commerce delegates at their AGM, addressed by Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi, […]

Malta News - 26/03/2014

Tunnelling Gozo’s fortunes

Article author: George MangionPublished on Malta Today, 26 March 2014 Unless commuting is guaranteed on a 24/7 basis, Gozo’s inhabitants will remain cocooned during storms and inclement weather and as a consequence will never attain the levels of economic development achieved in Malta. A lot has been written on how to ameliorate Gozo’s double insularity and […]

Malta News - 12/03/2014

Paying through our noses for banking services

  Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 12 March 2014 It’s no secret that banks in Malta do not follow faithfully the ECB bank rates, such that businesses are charged 3% higher than the EU average. It’s sobering to know that whether we like it or not, our sons and daughters will carry a heavy legacy […]

Network News - 01/03/2014

Insurance Gems – Look Out For SPV’s In Malta

Author: Dr Marilyn Mifsud Published on Acquisition International Magazine, March 2014 In a sea of uncertainty one cannot but thank heavens for the use of SPVs in the insurance sector. This novelty has blazoned the trail for new legislation whereby risk transferring through reinsurance contracts has been widely recognised as an advantageous way forward. The payment […]

Network News - 05/02/2014

Past Events

 PKF European Tax Meeting – 15 & 16 December 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands – 3rd European Tax Meeting After the successful relaunch of the European VAT group in early September 2013, a number of partners and staff have requested to have more frequent European Tax meetings. Sharing knowledge and expertise helps us gain new clients, specifically if […]

Network News - 05/02/2014


PKF Malta has many years of experience and expertise in conference organisation and event management both locally and internationally. Our events are based on innovation, attention to detail, professionalism and enthusiasm. The PKF team is well geared to provide a comprehensive package for all participants ensuring success in delivering tangible results. The continuous feedback we […]

Network News - 21/01/2014

Catching up with the Singapore lion

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 21 January 2014 Malta can take notice of this success story and in a strategy to catch up, start developing its maritime hub as a oil and gas servicing centre in the Mediterranean. My second visit to Singapore after a seven-year absence has left me impressed at how the small city-state […]

Malta News - 05/01/2014

2014: Simplification and reform of Public service

Author: George Mangion Published on The Malta Independent, 5th January 2013 This year will be one of challenges and opportunities according to the prime minister in his end of year speech which highlighted work done by the government so far and thanked the people for the solidarity and generosity shown in l-Istrina and in other events. […]

Network News - 11/11/2011

Euro or Drachma – that is the question

 Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 11 November 2011 If money alone cannot solve the problem then it is inevitable for the Greeks to exit the euro. The past few days have seen the Greek prime minister George Papandreou excel in his brinkmanship when faced with the severe dissent of his electorate. When the third bailout […]