PKF Publications

PKF Publications - 19/06/2020

Navigating The Pandemic Through Bitpod Podcasts

Author: Miriam Sultana – Head of Economics Advisory, PKF Malta Published on Malta Chamber of Commerce Blog – 19th June 2020 Driven by the ever-growing need for innovation, last year PKF Malta founded the initiative “Bitpod” the brainchild of Head of Legal Dr Marilyn Formosa and Senior Partner Mr George M. Mangion. Bitpod is a quasi-lab that seeks […]

PKF Publications - 01/11/2017

PKF Malta Studies – Executive Summaries

Female Participation PKF suggestions on improving female worker participation Addressing trade unionists, the prime minister said inter alia that our economic growth is exemplary and he will not be the first one to press the pause button. He also addressed concerns by Opposition leader that the country could not handle the heavy influx of foreign […]

PKF Publications - 27/10/2017

Dressed in shades of pink in support of our annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

Thinking Pink… Today we’re all dressed in shades of pink in support of our annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. We support the fighters, admire the survivors and honour the taken. #gogettested #pinkribbon #breastcancer

PKF Publications - 06/10/2017

PKF shines a light on the poverty myth

Published on Malta Today 5th October 2017 Get in touch: | +356 21 493 041 It is encouraging to hear just a few days ahead of the budget speech that Malta has improved its competitiveness ranking in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 2016-17, rising from 40th place to 37th. This improvement is not easy to obtain since […]

PKF Publications - 30/11/2016

PKF publishes tax guide for 2016

PKF Tax Guide 2016 PKF International has over 400 offices operating in 150 countries with the PKF individual country tax guides being offered by 121 countries guides for 2016/2017 including Malta. The PKF Worldwide Tax Guide (WWTG)  has a long-standing legacy servicing international businesses’ fiscal needs, having been published annually since 1994. This publication is the […]

PKF Publications - 04/07/2016

Summer Time Working Hours

With summer now upon us and the temperature and humidity continuing to rise, the annual summer time working hours restrictions are now in place. Summer working hours Esteemed clients, business partners & colleagues, we would like to inform you of our upcoming summer time working hours: From 4th July to 2nd September 2016 Monday to […]

PKF Publications - 21/04/2016

PKF studies benefits of vocational training

Published on Times of Malta, 21st April 2016 A PKF study into the labour activity rate for females aged 15 to 24 attributed it partly to the high rate of early school leavers. The government hopes to solve this by introducing vocational training – but how effective is this? A second study was carried out […]

PKF Publications - 31/05/2015

University-PKF agreement signed

Published on Times of Malta, 31st May 2015 The Department of Economics at the University of Malta has signed a collaborative agreement whereby PKF Malta will provide placements in summer for a restricted number of third year students who qualify for the Honours programme in economics and who are interested in developing skills in cost benefit […]

PKF Publications - 16/04/2014

PKF Doing Business in Malta

PKF Doing Business in Malta provides information about the financial, legal considerations that could affect business dealings within this country. This publication is issued on an annual basis and covers topics such as: An Introduction to Malta including information regarding its geography, history, political background, economy, Malta’s foreign policy, its membership to the EU, import […]

Malta Citizenship by Investment - 05/02/2014

Individual Investor Programme

Visit our online IIP eBrochure for the latest information. On the 24th December Legal Notice 450 of 2013 “Individual Investor Programme (IIP) of the Republic of Malta” was published. The IIP shall allow for the grant of citizenship by a certificate of naturalization to foreign individuals and their families who contribute to the economic development […]