Malta Residence and Visa Program – MRVP

The Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP) was launched in 2015. It provides successful applicants with the right of permanent residence in Malta or indefinite leave of stay, subject to an ongoing fulfilment of the relevant requirements.

It provides international investors with residency rights. These rights will apply only for non-EU / EEA / Swiss Nationals. The programme has no minimum or maximum stay requirements.

Brochure: Immigration Solutions 

Benefits of MRVP

  • You & Your Family: Right to live, work & stay indefinitely in Malta
  • Education: Access to top-tier British Education & English Language School Hub
  • Health Care: Access to the highly reputed health care ranked 5th globally
  • Real Estate: Ease of investment in sound real estate market opportunities
  • Schengen: Visa Free travel within Schengen Area, with a right to stay in one place for up to 90 days in any 6 months period
  • Long Term Resident Status: Opportunity to apply for long term resident status after residing continuously in Malta for 5 yrs & where successful, gains access to free medical care & free state education ( rs/what-we-do/policies/legal-mi gration/long-term-residenls_en )
  • Citizenship by Naturalisation: Opportunity to apply for Citizenship by Naturalisation after residing continuously in Malta for 5 years and where successful, gains access to Maltese Passport & full European rights
  • LGTBIQ Equality & Rights: Permanent Residence in Top EU Country for LGBTIQ Equality & Rights

Investment Requirements:

  • Main Applicant 18 + of age; Good repute; maintained annual income €100,000 or capital €500,000
  • Property Buy property worth minimum €320, 000 for a property situated in the North of Malta or €270,000 for a property situated in Gozo or the South of Malta; or Rent a property worth minimum €12,000 per annum for a property situated in the North of Malta or €10,000 for a property situated in Gozo or in the South of Malta.
  • Government Bonds Investment in bonds worth minimum €250,000 for a minimum of 5 years.  For further information about the various Financing options kindly contact us, Dr Marilyn Formosa, here
  • One time Government Contribution: €30,000 covering MA, spouse & children at application stage with €5,500 being payable at the start (non-refundable fees). Please note that an additional non-refundable one-time contribution of €5,000 is applicable wherever a parent or grandparent of the main applicant or of the spouse is included in the application.
  •  Liquidity: Client to be able to evidence to regulator’s satisfaction if required that sufficient cash at bank is held in the applicant’s name

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