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An internship at PKF Malta gives students the opportunity to gain practical, challenging, and meaningful on-the-job work experience.

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Having your internship at PKF Malta will introduce you to the workplace in a friendly atmosphere where everybody is more than eager to help. Your job description will fall in line with your knowledge, educational background and experience with the aim of fulfilling your goals whether it is to simply improve your language skills, or gain real hands-on knowledge of the business world.

Tasks include preparing reports on various business topics, researching specific industries, writing articles to be published on local newspapers or the firm’s website, compiling statistics and analysing markets etc.

Internships at PKF

Graduation from a university or higher education institution is the right step towards employment but in today’s competitive world added skills besides the academic aspect are being expected. It is not enough to boast a convincing cover letter, have good grades, and be backed by recommendations full of praise. During job interviews, it is a common dilemma for job seekers to be questioned about their relevant work experience. A young graduate who has spent the last five years trying to catch-up with lectures, assignments, and exams may feel at a loss with having to discuss relevant work experience when this did not feature in the course curriculum. A solution to this dilemma comes in the form of internships.

Students are aware of the developments in the labour market and are open to internship opportunities; however, these opportunities are not so easily come by, both in the sense of quantity and also in the sense of quality. The result is that internships have become the order of the day and graduates who are able to include in their curriculum vitae work experiences through internship is a better position to be taken up for employment.

All higher education institutions are embracing the benefits that internships pose to students in every field of study and trying to join the academic world with the hands-on aspect. A student who partakes in some form of an internship or another is better placed to blend in with the workplace etiquette and find employment following graduation. Young students stand to gain in several respects from the advantages of participating in an internship programme. These advantages are not easily quantified but the acquisition of skills, such as social networking, public speaking, and the know-how of technicalities pertinent to the field of study are all conducive to a successful job search.

The ripple effect of internship programmes extends not only to the students participating in them but even the enterprises that invest time and money will eventually profit from having access to potentially well-versed future employees. An employer can observe an intern at work and make certain assumptions about what his/her abilities as a prospective employee would be. As a result, the returns of helping a student to gain job experience may be seen both in the short run and eventually in the long run. An organisation can use the internship programme as an indirect form of recruitment selection without having to rely solely on the job interview process which, at times, can be, say the least, misleading. The returns of finding a suitably qualified employee can be reaped by an organization over the coming years and possibly even decades.

PKF understands that a successful internship programme is one that gives students the opportunity to gain practice in their field of study. It is up to an employer to provide the right kind of exposure that a student can use to acquire new and relevant skills. It is detrimental for an organization to assign an intern with duties that are the so-to-speak, leftovers of the department which other employees prefer not to do. The consequence will be that students will spread the word that such an enterprise is not taking its internship programmes seriously and discourage other prospective interns from applying with the organization. What a student understands by a fruitful internship programme is to gain knowledge useful from an employability perspective. The whole purpose of a student is to gain the sort of advice that can be used to build a future career.

From the student’s perspective, it is a win-win situation. They can meet prospective employers in a more informal manner than through interviews; even if not conducive to immediate employment an internship can still add value to a curriculum vitae; and at the place of work, students get to know people who may prove useful contacts or provide valuable information from a career perspective. Ultimately, students will have to learn what is expected of them at the workplace in their line of study.

What we can offer:

  • A pleasant working environment within a young and international team.
  • Independent work in an innovative, rapidly growing company.
  • Possibility to improve your business skills and of course your English.
  • Quick, personal development and a steep learning curve.

Duration of the internship: Minimum 12 weeks

Why Malta?

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Internship Opportunities

Economist: the selected candidate will be responsible for researching & analysing current economic issues; collecting & analysing data using mathematical models including forecasting, preparing reports that present research results & writing articles for publication. The successful candidate will hold a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics (Hons) Degree (minimum 2nd Upper Class) or at the final stages to obtain such qualification.

Statistician: the selected candidate will act as a Leader for project work. The ideal candidate will hold a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Degree in Statistics or at the final stages to obtain such qualification. Previous experience using SPSS, conducting face-to-face interviews as well as telephone surveys will be considered an asset.

We are also seeking interns in the fields of accounting and legal.

Kindly send us an email with the following information:

  • Preferred start date,
  • Duration
  • The main field of study + level of degree
  • Updated CV with current photo


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