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PKF Malta provides a broad range of services to organizations in both the private and public sectors, tailored to their specific needs. Our approach combines technical expertise with local insight. Our clients value our sound business judgment and disciplined application of specialized skills, ensuring both quality and cost-effectiveness.

Fundamental to our business philosophy is the harmonising of our services to provide the most effective solutions for our clients’ businesses. Our professional consultants, across all disciplines, are skilled in working together to deliver integrated results. 

A wide range of services allows us to provide clients with constructive and proactive advice from the inception of an idea, through its establishment as an operation, its growth and expansion, to the eventual realisation of capital. Specialists in each area enable us to provide clients with the best advice in a timely manner, thereby enabling them to take full advantage of opportunities arising.

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Citizenship & Immigration Solutions

Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services
Malta Permanent Residency Programme – MPRP
Malta Retirement Programme – MRP
Global Residence Program – GRP
Turkish Passport by Investment

Dominica’s Citizenship By Investment – Caribbean
St. Kitts & Nevis – Citizenship By Investment – Caribbean
Grenada’s Citizenship By Investment Program – Caribbean

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