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Organising Technical Conferences

PKF Malta has many years of experience and expertise in conference organisation and event management both locally and internationally. Our events are based on innovation, attention to detail, professionalism, and enthusiasm. The PKF Malta team is well geared to provide a comprehensive package for all participants ensuring success in delivering tangible results. The continuous feedback we receive reinforces our philosophy of providing high levels of expertise to the table leading to innovative solutions.

There are no limits to our resources and contacts which make our events the ideal networking place. PKF Malta puts together teams of high profiled experts from an array of disciplines and backgrounds to tackle the most intricate problems being faced by that particular industry. Whether through large scale conferences, practical workshops, or topical seminars, PKF Malta thrives on keeping you updated with the latest trends, regulations and information available.

Through our vast experience in organising Technical Conferences locally on a regular basis, we can assist our clients and provide a professional service. Our service includes preparation of speeches, slides presentation, market research, accommodation arrangements, mailshots from an updated database, invitations, obtaining the best conference facilities etc.


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