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Corporate, Advisory Economic Analysis | Feasibility | CBA | Consultancy services

As a member of PKF International, PKF Malta provides services to a list of prestigious clients and has always enjoyed an excellent reputation which stems from the dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm to serve its clients.

PKF Malta’s credentials are well valued by the Government and its departments, in particular, the Malta Financial Services Authority, the Inland Revenue, the VAT Department, the Malta Chamber of Commerce as well as the commercial sector in general. Presently, the firm includes a number of professionals and graduates in auditing, statistics, economics, law, and finance, with the support of a dedicated administrative staff.

PKF’s core services include audit and assurance, business valuation and transaction support, budgetary control, tax and business advisory, internal control review, corporate governance review compliance manuals, advisory economic analysis, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis and consultancy services.

Management Consultancy services

Management consultancy is about helping organisations to improve their performance. A good consultant helps you to fine-tune your business or organisation to measure success, improve efficiency, maximise performance, and minimise risk. An effective service lets you know where you are, decide where you want to go and work out how to get there.

At PKF, we analyse and evaluate companies in relation to their industry and business environment and assist you in developing long-term strategies and systems to help you build your business.

We can offer a professional consultancy service on:

  • Assistance in procurement-related matters;
  • Business Planning;
  • Costing Systems;
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis and Feasibility Assessments;
  • Financial Advisory;
  • Economic Analysis;
  • Econometric and statistical analysis;
  • EU funds assistance;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Procurement and Government Tenders Administration Support;
  • Project Management – tenders, a comprehensive database of key experts;
  • Management Information;
  • Marketing;
  • Production and Stock Management;
  • Project Appraisals;
  • Operations Audit;
  • Profitability Improvements and Efficiency Studies;
  • Surveys;
  • Socio-economic impact assessments;
  • Statistics and Mathematics.

Successful project delivery depends on people directly engaged in project exaction. PKF firms provide a dedicated team of experts who will deliver high-quality solutions and continues services within the scope of the project.

PKF Malta’s core values reflect what the firm stands for:  Passion: striving to exceed clients’ expectations; Teamwork: working seamlessly with member firms internationally with whom strong personal relationships have been developed; Clarity: adoption of clear, transparent and consistent approaches at all times; Quality: application of the highest standards of quality in engagements; Integrity: shared standards coupled with a strong sense of support and encouragement to make things happen.