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Sustainability Service

At PKF, we recognise the importance of embracing the notion of sustainable development and the economic and environmental importance of introducing renewable energy projects to the island. In this regard, we have been active in promoting renewable energy proposals and attracting a number of interested investors to the island in order to set up renewable energy projects on the island. Recently, our team attended the Wind Energy and H2 expo in Hamburg which included top speakers from the worlds of politics, economics, and science, as well as a trade show for the wind, solar, and hydrogen industries.

Key focal points included the impact of the Ukraine-Russian war, the situation on the German and international markets, H2 import strategies and possibilities for the use of green hydrogen in industry, solar energy, logistics and mobility.

Besides being active within the field, our team encompasses skilled professionals from a plethora of disciplines including but not limited to economics, accountancy, and legal.

As a team, we bring to the table a number of advisory and assurance services:

Business Improvement
Adopting ESG principles into your business requires looking at the current strategies and internal policies being implemented. We can help you improve your business through the following:

  • Drawing up technical offers and support services in submitting tenders issued by the local authorities
  • Drafting of sustainability strategy
  • Rolling out decarbonization process initiatives
  • Provide research on environmental impacts
  • Conduct cost-benefit analysis for projects
  • Review of internal processes and governance
  • Provide training on ESG regulations
  • Provide advisory in sustainable financing

ESG Reporting & Assurance

We foresee that ESG reporting would be more critical in the coming years given the current regulatory initiatives within and outside of Malta. This comes with stricter disclosure of the ESG metrics and ensuring that these data are verified and audited accordingly.

Here at PKF, we can offer the following services to assist your company in reporting the ESG metrics:

  • Establishing an internal reporting system
  • Regulation on ESG measurement
  • Drafting of sustainability reports
  • Provide assurance/ verification on the disclosed ESG information