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Webinar #3 - Jonathan Ferris - AML Compliance - Dissecting the Cornerstone

Join us for our third webinar hosted by Marilyn Formosa (Dr.), Head of Legal at PKF Malta and featuring special guest Jonathan Ferris, Financial Investigations Specialist. This Webinar will also be supported by Philip Bugeja, Consultant – AML & Funding of Terrorism, Risk & Financial Crimes.

About our Special Guest, Jonathan Ferris

Jonathan Ferris received his primary education at Stella Maris School Balzan and his secondary education at Stella Maris College Gzira, followed by post-secondary education at State Sixth Form.

Mr Ferris spent some months working in the Netherlands within the freight forwarding industry and they ventured into private practice specializing in projects both locally and abroad. At the age of 36, he applied to join the Malta Police Force and upon successful completion of the Police Academy course for Officer Cadets, on the 27th September 2011, he was sworn in the rank of Inspector and detailed for duty within the Economic Crimes Unit.

After a couple of months in service, together with another five Inspectors, he was detailed to attend a three-month course on Financial Investigations held with the Guardia di Finanza. During his posting with the E.C.U. Mr Ferris represented the Malta Police Force in various meetings and seminars all focusing on White Collar Crime. In November 2016 Mr Ferris joined the FIAU as Manager Financial Analysis up until 30th June 2017. Mr Ferris Holds a Master’s Degree in Theology, and Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and a Diploma in Policing all from the University of Malta.

This Webinar is supported by Philip Bugeja.

Philip Bugeja currently serves as an independent consultant and is a specialist in the prevention of financial crime, Bribery and Corruption, Risk, Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. He was involved within the financial crime unit with a large European bank and has also been appointed to conduct the audit reports on a number of ICO’s and Exchanges seeking financial services.

Philip also served as head of compliance and MLRO for an international law company. Philip is a sought after advisory for a number of companies setting up operations and assisting the AML/CFT functions during licensing in Malta, London, and Hong Kong.