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Network News • 12-09-2022

Appreciation: Carmel Cascun

Author: George Mangion - Senior Partner PKF Malta
Published on Times Of Malta: 12th September 2022

I got to know the young Carmel Cascun as a suitor to my sister Miriam, later his loving wife. He had just finished reading for his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Malta and was employed as a customs officer at the Customs Department. 

Fate had it otherwise, as he later joined the MIB insurance division and successfully studied for the tough Associate (then Fellow) of the Chartered Institute of Insurance.

Together with his business partner and long-time friend Lawrence Pavia, he formed Island Insurance Brokers. The company progressed and moved to custom-built premises in Psaila Street, Birkirkara, and soon become a beacon of specialised maritime insurance expertise provided by Carmel and directors.

Having built a substantial clientele in all facets of maritime and aviation insurance brokerage, he studied law and qualified as a Master in Advocacy.

In 1996, he completed a postgraduate degree in European and comparative law. Such intellectual attributes did not change his humble approach and during his life he harboured no pretensions and was able to speak to all those he met at their own level without any distinction.

His leadership qualities led him to be elected as president of the Malta Shooting Federation, for which he travelled extensively to promote at international tournaments.

He was appointed to the board of governors of the Malta Financial Services Authority in February 2021 and participated fully in all meetings, making erudite submissions to co-governors based on his professional acumen.

As a brother-in-law, he would patiently listen to my arguments and was always bipartisan and agnostic in his counter-arguments. His long-time friendship with Judge Toni Abela and Dr David Fabri (among many others) saw them share happy memories on foreign trips.

At work, he was meticulous in his preparation for meetings and enjoyed friendly relationships with many illuminati in business and academia. He lectured part-time at the University and students admired his tenacity and dedication to help them progress in their studies. 

The three brothers and my sister Miriam deeply mourn the loss of a perfect gentleman and wish him eternal peace, which he deserves. 

Author: George Mangion - Senior Partner PKF Malta
Published on Times Of Malta: 12th September 2022
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