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Network News • 16-01-2024

Malta’s 2023 National Risk Assessment

On 11th January 2024, the National Coordinating Committee on combating money laundering and funding of terrorism published it’s the National Risk Assessment (NRA) for 2023.  The NRA is the process by Malta as a country, to identify its threats and vulnerabilities in the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Proliferation Financing and Targeted Financial Sanction related risks.


After the application of a number of mitigating measures, the residual risk of a number of sectors has significantly reduced when compared to the 2018 NRA. The NRA was drawn up by the National Coordinating Committee, involving a number of stakeholders; representing key ministries, departments and authorities from the public sector as well as other private sector professional bodies.


The full NRA can be accessed through:

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