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Dr Elizabeth Sammut Borg

Dr Elizabeth Sammut Borg

Professional Experience

Dr. Elizabeth Sammut Borg, a seasoned lawyer and compliance specialist, currently holds the position of Money Laundering Reporting Officer MLRO for both CSP and Retirement Pension Scheme companies. Previously, Elizabeth headed the compliance and legal division as Director of Legal and Compliance at Dixcart Management Malta Limited, serving also as MLRO and Compliance Officer on companies licensed to offer CSP and trustee services.

As a dedicated compliance specialist, Elizabeth focuses on navigating the intricate landscape of anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism regulations as well as specialising in regulatory compliance for CSPs and trustees. Her extensive experience extends to serving as MLRO for CSPs, Trustees, and Fiduciaries, as well as retirement pension scheme companies. Beyond her role, Elizabeth provides AML training and guidance contributing to the development and enhancement of compliance standards within the industry.

Dr Borg graduated as a lawyer in 2010, subsequently reading Master’s Degree in International Criminal Law, with the United Nations Interregional Crime Institute in Turin. Before joining Dixcart, Elizabeth served as an employment law prosecutor and also worked at the Court of the European Union in Luxembourg, as a legal jurist in the research and documentation department.

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