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Engage to Retain: Achieving Business Excellence through People



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Date: 10th June 2024
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Location: Hybrid
CPE Hours: 2.75 Hours
Price: €30 incl VAT
Payment: Online or bank transfer





A Theoretical & Practical Insight

This three-hour lecture delves into three main challenges faced by businesses today and in the near future – Attracting talent, Engaging Employees and Retaining staff.

This challenge has become more complex with the introduction of mandatory ESG requirements that demand specific provisions regarding the engagement and treatment of employees.

During this session participants will be able to explore organisational practices rooted in solid research that contribute towards making businesses attractive to prospective recruits, engaging their staff to promote a culture motivation and wellbeing and creating the necessary conditions that will make employees want to stay and belong to the organisation.

Course Outline and Benefits

  • Understanding what makes organisations attractive employers for the current and future workforce – What do people want from work?
  • Creating a culture of psychological safety, utmost respect for employees and conditions where they can thrive personally and professionally.
  • Embracing leadership practices that engage employees specifically through adopting a coach approach to leading and managing people and promoting a growth mindset.
  • Creating a culture of inclusivity and appreciation of diversity.
  • Establishing clear channels of communication that keep employees informed about all aspects of the organisation that impact them.
  • Including employees in key decisions and initiatives that impact their future in the organisation.
  • Promoting engagement and retention through holistic corporate wellness programmes that safeguard the physical and mental health of the employees.
  • Establishing transparent and fair systems of goal setting, evaluation of performance and rewards based on an open feedback culture.


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Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance, which is eligible for 2.75 hours of CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Accreditation.

Cancellation of Courses by PKF Academy:

For each course, there will be a minimum level of attendees. If this minimum is not achieved PKF Academy reserves the right to either
i) cancel the course
ii) postpone it to a later date or
iii) it might decide to still hold the course in agreement with the trainer.

The attendees will be informed about such cancellations before course commencement. In the case of course cancellation from PKF's side, the full participation fee shall be paid back to the fully paid-up registrants.

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